Pinsky Law Group Assists with Formation of Joint Fire District

In record time, the Pinsky Law Group assisted the Town of Trenton (Oneida County) with the consolidation of three villages and a town into a single “Joint Fire District”. This consolidation brings four different municipal budgets and two separate fire departments under the efficient control of a single board of fire commissioners.

The effort began in early spring ’14 and concluded on August 15, 2014 with the official formation date. The Pinsky Law Group not only drafted all of the resolutions and provided the advice necessary for the formation, but also provided the required commissioner training and assisted with the drafting of hundreds of pages of policies which will guide the new district.

The Pinsky Law Group has extensive experience with the consolidation of fire departments and the formation of joint fire districts and fire districts throughout the state. The Pinsky Law Group represents approximately 500 emergency service organizations throughout the state.
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