Pinsky Law Group Victorious In Lawsuit Against N.Y.S. Department Of Health

The Pinsky Law Group has been declared victorious in a lawsuit initiated on behalf of the town of Macedon against the NYS Department of Health. The town of Macedon had applied for an ambulance service certificate pursuant to Public Health Law 3008(7) for the entire town of Macedon, including the village of Macedon. Although initially […]


Conferences & Training

9th Annual, Fire & EMS – Law & Management Conference (2017)

The 2017 Fire & EMS Law & Management Conference brochure is below, and this year’s conference is the best yet! We have an amazing Pre-Conference Speaker and phenomenal topics. The Attorney General’s Office will be presenting (at their request) and we have a Syracuse University Newhouse School of Communications Professor and National Consultant presenting on […]



Policies More Stringent Than Law Can Create Liability

This case should prove to everyone that having policies which impose standards more stringent than the law can create liability. Thus, it is better to rename your policies, ”guidelines”. In this case, a police officer driving an emergency vehicle was speeding and killed a citizen. The court stated that speeding was permitted under New York […]