Pinsky Law Group obtains Permission to appeal to State’s Highest Court

Pinsky Law Group has successfully petitioned the New York State Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, for permission to appeal the matter of Waite v. Champion. Statistically, less than two percent of requests for permission to appeal to this Court are granted each year.  Pinsky Law Group represents six residents who successfully petitioned the […]


Conferences & Training

11th Annual, Fire & EMS – Law & Management Conference (2019)

Dates: Pre-conference – March 28, 2019 (included free with Conference) Conference – March 29, 2019 – March 31, 2019 The speaker for the Pre-conference is Frank Vicuso, presenting “Step up and Lead”



Policies More Stringent Than Law Can Create Liability

This case should prove to everyone that having policies which impose standards more stringent than the law can create liability. Thus, it is better to rename your policies, ”guidelines”. In this case, a police officer driving an emergency vehicle was speeding and killed a citizen. The court stated that speeding was permitted under New York […]